Delta Project

A New Reservation System

Coming soon!

Coca-Cola Projects


Moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.  Create rapid Prototype, using Avonni Creator.  Architected the flow into a usably and more friendly pattern.  Here is the prototype, live: Coke Freestyle

Coke Design System for Salesforce Lightening

IHG homepage IHG Reservations ConnectMe Homepage Search page 2013 IHG New Site

UI/UX Projects

IHG & Deloitte

I worked on 2 major projects in the last 7 years: Re-designing the IHG homepage and reservation system and leading a team on the Deloitte ConnectMe project.

News Stations

2 News Stations into 1

I was tasked to create a new website  within a new CMS, combining Channel 13 & Channel 9.

Going really fast

Daytona Speedway

This really helps focus the mind.